Minecraft – Pocket Edition Apk Mod for Android

Minecraft – Pocket Edition Apk Mod for Android

What is Minecraft

Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one of those games that you can’t deny has left a big impact on the gaming community and the world as a whole. Emerging as a sandbox video game by Swedish developer Markus Persson, better known as ‘Notch’ to the Minecraft World, released it in 2011 under Mojang and the game swiftly took to the skies as one of the greatest sellers.

It is a game that procedurally generated in 3-D pixelated, blocky world. It spans over millions and millions of blocks everywhere. The main game’s theme is to build whatever your heart desires in whatever way you want as long as you want, there are no set rules, there’s no one to tell you what to do. It’s the stuff of legends where the only limit is your imagination and this is a game where you can virtually do anything. This game has won multiple awards, is one of the most critically acclaimed game of all time and is described as the most influential and greatest game of all time.

How to play Minecraft

Minecraft Pocket Edition

There’s only one thing to Minecraft, build, build and build. You have no goal in the game, you are virtually left free of what to do. You essentially start out with the male character “Steve” or the female character “Alex” and are thrown into a randomly generated world. From there, you do whatever you want. Whether you want to grind and get materials for whatever you want to do, fight monsters that generate in the dark or explore the vast world of Minecraft that has many, varying and diverse biomes ranging from deserts, plains, mountains, seas, mesa plains, rivers etc each with their animals and different set of plants, materials and animals that we call mobs.

You can build great structures that can rival the greatest architects of all time, make the greatest overworld palettes that rival great paintings, tinker with redstone ( Minecraft’s version of circuitry) and essentially make a working computer within a game or keep it casual and live out your game day to day grinding for different materials, deciding on your own adventure whenever you feel like it. The game was released in 2011 and although it went down in popularity for a few years but it resurfaced back again 2019 and took the title back of the greatest game in no time at all. The game is constantly updated and new patches are always one of the most anticipated moments for the gaming community. Although the game is divided into many modes for you to experiment, what you want out of the game, safe to say, Minecraft satisfies the creative genius of all generations and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to die out any time soon.

The game has the following modes:

Survival Mode:

Minecraft Pocket Edition

One of the more popular modes, you are randomly generated into the world and have a life bar and hunger bar. You have to keep yourself alive by constantly eating and replenish your health by avoiding hostile mobs, not falling from height, avoid drowning, burning to death or the other dangers that Minecraft presents.  You grind for materials, make a shelter, transform the materials into weapons and armour to defend yourself, make tools that helps you craft more stuff, gather neutral mobs that help you gather different materials for crafting, trade with villagers that are one of the smarter mobs of the game, explore different parts of the Minecraft for newer materials and thrilling adventures, travel to the nether (Minecraft’s version of Hell), Travel to the End (typically the game’s goal) defeat the Ender Dragon where you will get the ending credits for the game. The adventure doesn’t end there as you can continue after, more or less, beat the game and continue experiencing the majestic world of Minecraft. There are varying difficulties in the game. Peaceful mode where you can enjoy Survival modes attributes without taking damage and not dying, easy (recommended for beginners) where you generally get the feel of the game without making it feel really like a challenge, normal difficulty where you play the normal survival mode difficulty and Hardcore Mode where you only have one life and you take damage from mobs much more ferociously. The survival mode has many in depth systems that would be too much to mention which all culminate into the great game mode that every Minecraft gamer enjoys

Creative mode:

Minecraft Pocket Edition

You build, that’s it, you just build whatever you want and nothing can stop you, all your materials are infinite and you don’t take damage. It’s a building simulator at this point.


Multiplayer mode:

Minecraft Pocket Edition

You can go online into Minecraft servers and build, survive and generally have a good time with your friends. Dedicated mega servers have their own in game economy which makes the world wonder that is this really a game for kids?


Spectator mode:

Minecraft Pocket Edition

You can fly every and generally look at everything, nothing particularly exciting in this mode of the game.



System Requirements

The system requirements of the game aren’t much, haunting considering how huge the game is, the requirements are as follows:

Space: 90.39 MB

Platform: Android 4.2+

How to Download APK

To download the game, follow these steps:

  • And download the apk version that your phone can handle.

Final words

Minecraft as described above is a game that can’t be described to another, as each player has his own adventure. The people of Mojang had done great to port this game to the android where the game has now become virtually accessible to everyone. The pocket version of Minecraft does have some limitations, considering the limited hardware when you compare it to its Pc and console counterparts but ultimately it doesn’t fall short of the magic that it captures and surely, anyone that plays this version of the game will not go disappointed as Minecraft’s real reason for success lies in the player’s imagination and his ability to turn his dreams into a reality.

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