Anshula Kapoor shares what a day in her life looks life: ‘Food edition’; here’s what brother Arjun had to say


Many of us often look up to celebrities for inspiration — whether it is fashion, healthy living, fitness, to even food. 

So when Anshula Kapoor recently answered the “the most asked question every time I do an AMA,” it had all our attention, as she has opened up about her struggle with body image, her weight loss journey, and how she now feels comfortable in her skin.

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“A day in my life, FOOD edition,” she captioned the post, adding that “what do you eat in a day?” is something that interests her followers. “So here goes a mini vlog of sorts (sic),” she added.

Anshula shared that she kickstarts her day with one egg on amarnath bread toast and black coffee. According to Healthline, amaranth is a nutritious, gluten-free grain that provides plenty of fiber, protein, and micronutrients. It is also associated with several health benefits like “reduced inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and increased weight loss,” the website read.

Her lunch comprises “gobhi matar ki sabzi + homestyle chicken + ragi rogi”.

And who said snacking cannot be healthy? For her “snack number one”, Anshula enjoys Greek yoghurt and walnuts. Post workout, she relished a jaggery-sesame laddoo after which she has one sandwich made of one full egg and many veggies along with two egg whites.

For dinner, Anshula prefers ragi roti with paneer and two pieces of chicken tikka with pudina chutney. That is not all. She has got herself covered for late-night cravings with flavoured protein shake.

However, she added that “everybody is different and everyone’s needs are different” and therefore one should always consult a nutritionist before going on a diet. “There is no one size that fits all solution,” she added.

Many celebrities commented on the reel, but the one comment that took the cake was by brother Arjun Kapoor who wrote: “But that head move while you ate the ladoo needs a discussion.”

Prior to this, Anshula had stunned everyone with her weight loss transformation — which spoke of her hard work, willpower, and dedication. Among others, Katrina Kaif and Sanjay Kapoor had lauded her dedication.

“Take your make-up off,
 Let your hair down.
 Take a breath
 Look into the mirror, at yourself
 Don’t you like you?
 Cause I like you,” she captioned the post alongside her picture in which she can be seen with a visible weight loss.

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