Ayurveda expert shares ‘medicated breakfast for the rainy season’ (recipe inside)


The monsoon season brings along a host of health issues, including cough, cold, fever, and the seasonal flu.

Dr Rekha Radhamony, an ayurveda expert, says that during the rainy season our “body strength and agni (digestive fire) are low and all the doshas go out of balance”. “From fever, bone and joint ailments to skin disorders, our body is susceptible to a lot of diseases,” the expert wrote on Instagram.

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As such, she also went on to share a recipe for rice gruel, which she informs is packed with various benefits. She suggests consuming it for a month every morning after doing “abhyanga with sesame oil” and “taking a warm shower”.

“This is a medicated soup for subsiding vata; it is good for everyone and every body type! No matter what your original prakriti (mind and body constitution) is, you can still have vata following you like an invisible shadow,” she wrote on Instagram.

The expert listed the following benefits of medicated rice gruel

*Improves agni
*Improves strength of the body
*Improves bowel movements
*Builds immunity against diseases
*Good for diabetes

Rice gruel recipe



*Red rice (njavara rice) – 100 grams
*Coconut milk – sufficient quantity
*Powders to add: 5 grams each of dry ginger, garden cress, coriander seeds, ajwain (carom seeds), cumin
Key ingredient: Dashapushpa churna (10 g) – you may have to buy this from a local ayurvedic shop


*Soak red rice for 5 hours
*Add soaked rice to boiling water and add the powders
*Once the rice gets cooked, add coconut milk
*Temper with ghee and cumin seeds
*Add jaggery/rock salt to taste depending on your taste buds

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