‘Be yourself because that is the most important thing’: Sara Ali Khan


Education is an important part of our society, but the chance to choose and be yourself when it comes to education, is hardly rendered to children.

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Emphasising on the fact that it is important to be yourself while making such a decision, actor Sara Ali Khan shared her journey. With the dream of being at Oxford University and watching that same dream shatter in front of her eyes, she was disheartened. “I got rejected from Oxford, which was my dream. I did not get in and I thought that the world is going to end that day,” she said.

She explained that education and university have been an integral part of her life as well as of her family’s. “My father told me that education is of prime importance. But more than that to find your own place in any institution is most important.”

She eventually got admission into Columbia and happily spent three years there. “I got into Columbia and those three years I spent there I would give an arm and a leg. It is in that moment I realised that there is a reason I did not get into Oxford. I was happier there,” she said.

Advising students, she said while applying for universities one needs to be honest in whatever they do. “Finding your own place in any institution is the most important. So, whether it’s the subjects that you do, the university that you apply to or the essay that you write, do it honestly and do it yourself.”

She believes that education is important and it is also personal. She encouraged everyone to be sure and careful while choosing and making a decision in terms of education. “Be yourself because that is the most important thing,” she said.

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