Craving for food in the middle of the night? Here’s how to curb the urge


A lot of people suddenly feel hungry late at night even after having a proper dinner. Not only is this bad for the digestive system, but it is also a poor lifestyle choice to make. Midnight snacking can affect the circadian rhythm of the body, and hence, it is important to know of ways to fight this feeling.

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On Instagram, Bhakti Kapoor, a nutritionist, explained that people find themselves eating late at night, even when they are not hungry. “Nighttime eating can cause you to eat more calories than you need, which can lead to weight gain,” she wrote.

The expert added that fasting overnight “allows for the body’s enzyme system to focus on detoxifying and breaking down toxins quickly and efficiently, without the job of heavy food digestion”.

What to do if you feel the midnight munchies?

According to Kapoor, one can try doing the following:

* After dinner, remind yourself that the kitchen is closed for the night. Brush your teeth, as you will not feel like eating anything after that.
* If the craving hits, wait for 10 minutes before acting on it.
* If the craving still does not go away, have a glass of water.
* In case your stomach still growls, have something healthy and small like string cheese or a piece of fruit.

The nutritionist also explained that in order to fight this urge, one needs to:

1. Identify what is causing it
2. Plan a routine
3. Plan meals
4. De-stress
5. Eat regularly throughout the day
6. Include protein at every meal
6. Stock up on healthy snacks that are readily accessible

“You can also start with switching to healthier midnight snacks. Anything that comes out of a packet is a strict no!”

Healthier options include: Berries, nuts, skimmed yogurt, sauteed vegetables, boiled or scrambled eggs, makhanas, carrots, and roasted gram.

“You can even quickly prepare a warm soup that will help you sleep. A bonus tip: Have a glass of warm turmeric milk before you go to bed to stop cravings and also enjoy the benefits of a great sleep,” Kapoor concluded.

What do you think of these tips?

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