Decoding the different types of razors and their usage, benefits


Grooming has become an important part of our daily routine. For the same, men and women use different accessories. But the one accessory that often overlaps is the razor, which men usually use to shave their beard, moustache and overall body hair, while women use it to shave facial hair, armpits, eyebrows, upper lips, and other intimate regions of their bodies.

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But with the market being flooded with different types of razors, picking the best one from the lot may be difficult. Well, not anymore! Listed below are the best buying guides to help you choose the right razor, according to Rajesh U Pandya, managing director, KAI India.

*”Depending on the area of your body that requires shaving, your choice of razor will differ, too. For instance, a body razor is a special razor that comprises single/double/or multiple blades. It also includes a unique cartridge head, suitable for shaving long hair without being harsh on your skin,” said Pandya.

*On the other hand, a bikini trimmer has a smaller-than-normal head that enables it to reach the trickiest spots of your body.

*Face shavers come with an L-shaped head and a long handle, enabling you to maneuver them while shaving your face, including your eyebrows and upper lips.

Decoding the different types of razors

The choice of a razor is not restricted to just one type. You will come across different kinds of razors with varied features.

Disposable razor

A disposable razor is made for situations where you need a quick shave or when you are travelling and don’t want to commit to a razor. Because of the use-and-throw nature of this type of razor, it is much cheaper in price and it only provides a decent quality shave only once or twice.

Electric razor

An electric razor is a battery-operated accessory that demands minimum maintenance and prepping. “The results are efficient. You can even use it on dry hair,” said Pandya.

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Cartridge razor

A cartridge razor is where the head of the razor can be ejected and replaced with a newer one. It comprises multiple blades to help you attain a closer shave. You can go for this option if you have sensitive skin and want a razor for a longer period of time.

Safety razor

A safety razor has now become an unpopular choice, but many individuals still resort to using it.

Finding the suitable number of blades

“From a single blade to multiple blades, razors have progressed a lot. If you want to achieve a closer shave, you can choose a razor with as many as five blades. These blades are safe to use and normally do not come with risks like rashes, burns, or skin irritation. They are arranged closer together to give you a precise shave,” shared Pandya.

Another popular option these days is the razor blades with built-in moisture strips. These razors lubricate when you shave, thus preventing rashes, irritation, and razor bumps. These blades are ideal for shaving sensitive parts of your body. You can also choose a reusable razor that comes with detachable blade cartridges.

Choosing the right brand and pricing

After deciding on the type and number of blades right for you, the whole decision narrows to the brand and pricing of the razor.

“It is a good idea to buy from a reliable brand as you will get to enjoy perks like superior features, high quality, and durability. Such brands also have an ergonomic design and assure user-friendliness of the product,” he said while stressing that it is important to “read everything thoroughly before you buy this accessory”.

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