Do besan, lemon, turmeric suit all skin types?


Whether to remove a tan or a pesky pimple, many people prefer homemade remedies to get relief from skin issues. Among the many such natural ingredients people tend to apply on the skin are aloe vera, besan, turmeric, yoghurt, raw milk, cucumber, and honey.

But does every ingredient suit every skin type? Here’s what Dr Shraddha Deshpande, consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals said about using some such ingredients on the skin.

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Dr Deshpande said, “besan is commonly used in various homemade face packs and can help in mechanical exfoliation. It is also known to help brighten the face.”

However, the expert cautioned against using it on dry and sensitive skin types as it can reduce the moisture content of the skin and cause irritation and rashes. “Also, it should be used cautiously on acne-prone skin types as it can block the pores leading to breakouts,” she told

Another commonly used ingredient in DIYs is lemon. “But it must be noted that it contains citric acid which, when used on the skin directly, can cause skin irritation, burns, and hyperpigmentation. Thus it should ideally be avoided or used sparingly,” she said.

“Any DIY home remedy has the potential to cause allergy to the skin, including turmeric. Hence it is advisable to do a patch test before applying on the face,” she said.

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