Everything to know about the ‘siren eye’ look which has taken over TikTok


Around the world, many makeup, beauty and style hacks keep popping from time to time and with celebrities endorsing them, find their way to social media and become massive trends.

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One such trend is the recent ‘siren eyes’ look that has taken the video-sharing app TikTok by a storm.

According to Glamour UK, ‘siren eyes’ — also known as the ‘sultry eyes’ look — has been loved by A-list celebrities like Megan Fox and Bella Hadid. On TikTok, the hashtag #sireneyes has “received over 138.6 million views” with searches having “increased by 5000 per cent in the last month”, the publication states.

What do siren eyes look like?

Pop culture has made this look ubiquitous, which appears to be exactly what it sounds like: a sultry, siren-y, seductive look. It basically plays around the eye region, working up strokes that make the wearer of the look come across as inexplicably alluring.

On Instagram, nss G-Club, a news site, mentions in a post that #sireneyes is a “viral makeup hack that invites you to unleash your inner dark femme and promises to make you seduce anyone with just your eyes”.

It adds that the makeup is essentially an “upgraded version of cat-eye and fox-eye” — two eye makeup looks, which have been constant over the years and continue to be in vogue. Achieving siren eyes, it states, is an artful process, which entails “mixing eyeshadow and eyeliner” to create a sensual look.

According to Glamour UK, the term ‘siren eyes’ refers to a Greek mythological creature called ‘the Siren’. Legend has it that the creature was “dangerous and feminine” who would lure sailors and ships with “enchanting music and singing”, much like ‘mermaids’. Additionally, if one chooses to wear this makeup, they could be hinting at drawing a romantic interest towards them, without them actually realising it.

This makeup look, though in its nascent stages in terms of discovery, is older than you would think. Many celebrities have unknowingly worn it, including actor Marilyn Monroe, who was a mega-star in the 1950s.

Maddy Perez, of ‘Euphoria‘ fame, popularised it in recent months.

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