Expert shares hacks to manage frizzy hair during monsoon


Monsoon is marked by an increase in humidity levels in the atmosphere, which can make the hair turn dry, frizzy, and unmanageable. “Monsoon is not a very good season for the  skin and hair. The most annoying thing is frizz,” dermatologist Dr Gurveen Waraich said in an Instagram post.

While there’s not a lot you can do to completely eliminate the frizz, you can surely include some hair care habits in your monsoon routine to manage it “to some extent”.

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As such, Dr Waraich shared some easy-to-do hacks to control hair frizz in monsoon. Take a look.

Cotton t-shirt

We all have a tendency to wrap our hair with a towel after shampooing them. But, it may not be the best idea as this could lead to hair breakage and frizziness. “Swap your towel with an old cotton t-shirt to wrap your hair after shampooing. This is a game-changer,” the expert suggested.

Go silk

There are numerous benefits of silk — pillowcases, scrunchies, etc — for your hair and skin! It helps “reduces hair friction and, thereby, frizz.”

frizzy hair, monsoon hair care Wash your hair with cold water. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Stay cool

Warm water may make for a comforting bath but is harmful to your hair. Similarly, using a hair dryer can weaken the hair strands. “Use the cool setting on your hair dryer and cold water to shampoo,” the dermatologist said.


Don’t forget to condition your hair every time you shampoo. Additionally, Dr Waraich suggested using “a deep conditioning mask once a week”.

Keep your hands off

If you have a tendency to constantly touch your hair, stop! “The more you touch, the frizzier your hair will get,” she explained.

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