Five common signs of digestive problems and how to combat them


Digestion is a crucial function of the body. When the digestive system is affected, the rest of the body is impacted, too. Besides physical health issues, it can have some mental and emotional ramifications as well. As such, it is important to take care of the digestive organs.

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According to nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor, if you are suffering from digestive health issues, there are certain specific things that you can do for relief. But before learning about them, find out about the common signs of digestive dysfunction.

Kapoor took to Instagram to list the following:

1. Lack of appetite
2. Heartburn
3. Stomach ache
4. Bloating
5. Gas

According to the expert, from “embarrassing gas to uncomfortable heartburn”, people experience digestive problems from time to time. But, fortunately, “diet and lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on your gut health”.

She explained that some “evidence-based ways to improve your digestion naturally” include:

– Eating real food
– Getting plenty of fibre
– Adding healthy fats to diet
– Staying hydrated
– Managing your stress
– Ditching bad habits like smoking, late-night eating
– Incorporating gut-supporting nutrients like glutamine, probiotics and zinc

“Simple diet and lifestyle changes may help improve digestion if you experience occasional, frequent or chronic digestive symptoms,” Kapoor concluded.

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