Give regular poha a healthy twist with this fibre-rich, easy recipe


If a protein-filled breakfast is what you want to have today, your wish is our command! Nutritionist Arjita Singh shared an easy recipe on her Instagram. This Protein Week, observed annually from July 24-30, try this simple recipe, which is a staple in many households, and can be prepared in a jiffy.

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“My fat loss poha recipe – super high in protein, fibre and power packed with nutrients that make for a delicious breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner option! We have added paneer, sprouts, peas and peanuts to make it protein packed!” said Singh.


3/4 cup – Red rice poha, washed
2 tbsp – Olive oil
1/3 cup – Peanuts
100g – Paneer cubes
1 tsp – Mustard seeds
10-15 – Curry leaves
1 – Onion, sliced
1 tsp – Turmeric
1 tbsp – Coriander powder
1 tsp – Red chilli powder
1 tsp – Sugar (It adds a lot of flavour and doesn’t make it sweet)
1.5 lemon – Lemon juice
1/4 cup – Sprouts
1/3 cup – Peas
Salt to taste


*In a wok, add oil. Splutter the mustard seeds. Once done, add the ingredients one by one.
*Garnish with coriander leaves.


The red colour of the rice is due to the presence of a pigment called anthocyanin, which is also a flavonoid. ” Unlike white rice, red rice doesn’t undergo excessive processing. Hence, the other bran layer remains intact, which is rich is fibre, vitamin B, and minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium etc. Red rice is also enriched with antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals in our body,” said Singh.

She suggested opting for white poha if red rice poha is not handy.

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