Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority to sterilise street dogs; here’s why it is crucial


The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has decided to sterilise all street dogs in its jurisdiction that are not covered by resident welfare associations (RWAs). According to Salil Yadav, senior manager of health (urban services), GNIDA, “The Dog Monitoring Committee, which was instituted on June 26, decided Monday that the GNIDA will bear the whole cost of sterilisation and rabies vaccination for street dogs in the area.”

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Additionally, the authority will also enforce the registration of pet dogs to keep a check on illegal reproduction and dog bites. The authority will also set up an animal hospital and shelter for treating sick and injured dogs besides other small animals, officials said.

Lauding the move, Dr Vinod Sharma, DCC Animal Hospital, said, “Sterilisation is a very good step and should be followed all over the country. It is a very good initiative by the Greater Noida authority.”

Sterilisation of street dogs is crucial in controlling rabies, Dr Sharma added, highlighting its importance. “Around 60,000 people die of rabies worldwide, every year. Thus, sterilisation is a very good step as we have so many street dogs who die because of malnutrition.”

dogs sterilisation Getting your pets neutered is equally important (Source: Unsplash)

However, according to the expert, sterilisation alone isn’t the answer to the growing street dog population. “Awareness about overpopulation and associated health diseases like rabies, and keeping garbage clean are crucial. Everyone — vets, corporates, RWAs and individuals — has to work together for it to be effective.”

Sterilisation is not only effective in controlling the population of dogs but is also beneficial for their health, Dr Sharma said. He explained, “If a dog isn’t neutered, he will have the urge to mate. The alpha and other males will then start fighting with each other and may even get wounded. Female dogs will go into heat, feel weak, and the body will not absorb nutrition. Sterilisation, in turn, will keep these health issues under control.”

While sterilisation is, more often than not, talked about in the context of street dogs, getting your pets neutered is equally important. “They should be sterilised for good behaviour and temperament. It is good for their health and should be promoted by government agencies and every veterinarian,” the vet added.

The right time to get your pet sterilised is when they reach the maturation stage. “Male dogs can be neutered at the age of around 7-8 months and females at around 8-9 months. The exact time is not fixed and depends on the breed,” he concluded.

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