How can the human body deal with repeated bouts of viral infection


The last couple of years have been extremely challenging for people due to recurring public health issues, especially the pain inflicted by the Coronavirus. While the world was recovering from its impact and learning to live with its mutants, the discovery of Monkeypox appeared as another big threat. Then there are the usual challenges posed by existing viruses, bacteria and other harmful organisms. Sometimes, a slight change in season also comes with some serious challenges such as routine viral fever, dengue, malaria, swine flu and others. They underline the necessity to look for ways to deal with them and live a healthy life.

Usually, tiny organisms moving from person to person act as carriers of infections. However, our lifestyle and habits are no less responsible for such contamination. In order to protect ourselves from health hazards, we need to take care of our body and increase its strength to fight infections and diseases.


The body increases blood flow in response to infections. It sends blood to cells of the immune system that produce antibodies. They fight the organisms and destroy them. Killing viruses is a little bit difficult as they hide inside the cells. Detecting and reaching out to them becomes problematic for antibodies. In such circumstances, the body orders special immune cells such as T-lymphocytes to execute the task of detecting and decimating the virus. To support this function of the body, we need to assist it in getting the required strength.


The body’s immune system is the greatest protection against the attack of infections and diseases. It resists the entry of any unwanted element into the body. But should they enter, strong immunity restricts their development. Hence, you must work to enhance your immunity. You must eat a balanced diet having vitamin C in the right proportion. One cannot stress the importance of good sleep enough. As your cells heal, they help fight infection and inflammation. If you get too little sleep, your body will make less infection-fighting cells and antibodies. That makes you prone to repeat infections. Also watch your dosage of antibiotics. Over time, they change your body’s microbiome and make infection drug-resistant.


By getting vaccinated, you enhance your body’s ability to fight a particular disease and infection. Vaccines help the body in producing chemicals or antibodies that prevent infections and their growth. You must consult your doctor before going for any specific vaccine.


With proper hygiene habits, you keep germs and organisms at a good distance. They don’t get a conducive environment to grow. Of all the hygiene habits, washing hands frequently is highly recommended as hands are the gateway for disease-causing micro-organisms to enter the body. You must wash your hands frequently and keep your home and surfaces clean.


With your cautious attempt, you can safeguard your body from food-borne diseases that frequently arise from poor cooking and eating habits. Food items left at room temperature can stimulate the growth of microbes. You can prevent this situation by ensuring prompt refrigeration of foods, usually within two hours of preparation. You may be inclined to leave out freshly-cooked food a bit longer in pleasant weather, thinking it won’t go bad, but it becomes a hotbed of multiplying viruses.


There is nothing wrong with loving and spending time with your pet. But, you need to understand the fact that your pet can be the carrier of some serious infections, causing health threats to you. You just need to ensure regular check-ups of your pet and keep track of their vaccinations.


While travelling, your body faces two kinds of health risks. Due to change in the environment and weather, the body can react differently to new circumstances. At the same time, you come in contact with your fellow passengers that increases your risks of catching an infection from them. You must travel with all safety measures.

If you protect your body from exposure to harmful elements, you increase its strength. In cases, when your body contracts infections, it functions better to combat the situation and remove or kill the micro-organisms. Usually, with body strength, you remain free from repeated bouts of infections and diseases. Take care of your body and ensure its smooth functioning to live a healthy and happy life.

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