How Robert Downey Jr found a way to build confidence in life


One of Hollywood’s most-admired actors, Robert Downey Jr has a long list of accomplishments. Despite having experienced some difficult times in his life — divorce, jail time, and treatment for drug misuse and possession — he has been able to overcome them. A true inspiration and idol for many, the ‘Iron Man’ star encourages fans to embrace their true selves.

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In this video, Downey Jr talks about how our culture never encourages taking a break. Even though research indicates that working long hours and juggling several tasks reduce productivity and kill creativity, hustle culture still exists because it is the pursuit of motivations for the hustle in order to achieve future rewards of extreme success.

In addition, our culture never encourages not chasing something. Downey Jr loves the idea that if you are good at what you do, it is not the time but about seeing clearly if your vision is on the right track.

“We often get distracted by feelings, ego, fear, chips of resentment and intuitions that are tied to something, may be higher, but you think is out of your reach,” he says in this interview with Joe Rogan.

In terms of confidence, there have been times when he felt like he was in possession of it but there have also been times when he has felt the need to let go a little bit. However, he still feels that “it is great to be in full possession of what you would call ‘supreme confidence’ and see what happens if you don’t hold on to it so hard, because it is great, also a bit of an illusion because it is always changing.”

Every day is a new opportunity. A new day comes to us like a reset button and it is necessary to always know what your action is, because then you will be confident — even during days you don’t know what awaits.

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