International Cat Day 2022: Five ways to take care of your feline friends


Every year, International Cat Day is observed on August 8 to raise awareness for cats and learn more about ways to protect this adorable animal special. It was initiated in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and in 2022, the custodianship for the same was passed on to International Cat Care.

This year, it is being celebrated with the theme – ‘Cat-friendly resources’. Taking care of cats starts with keeping them healthy and happy.

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Here are some simple tips which will ensure the well-being of your feline friends, according to Kartik Gupta, Co-founder, Goofy Tails – a nutrition-focussed pet products company.

Groom your cats every day

Brushing/combing your cats will help reduce the hair that can build up in their digestive tract.

Feed healthy meals

Notably, cats are carnivores and rely on meat as the basis of their diet. Don’t exclusively feed them dry food as consuming too many carbohydrates could be harmful to them.

cats Incorporate these healthy habits into your cat’s routine (Source: Pixabay)

Pay attention to your cat’s thirst

It is crucial to give your cats access to fresh water. Older and lactating cats may be more prone to dehydration than others. As such, look out for signs such as sunken eyes, lethargy and panting.

Choose a cat-friendly vet

Some veterinary offices are dominated by canine clientele, and this can be terrifying for a cat who has to spend a fair amount of time in the waiting room with dogs all around. Look for a vet that has separate waiting rooms for cats and dogs.

Have sufficient and accessible litter boxes

While people love to put boxes in inaccessible places, such as the basement or a dark corner, cats may not be willing to use them there. When performing these functions, the animal is in a vulnerable position. They want to be able to see around them. For the same reason, your pet may not be willing to use a box with a cover.

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