‘It took me time to get comfortable with my body’: Sanya Malhotra on the importance of self-love


Sanya Malhotra has never shied away from speaking her mind. That is exactly what the 30-year-old did in a freewheeling discussion with Tweak India, during which she opened up about her fitness routine, the importance of self-love and me-time, period cramps, and also accepting herself.

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“I am very excited to be 30 now. It is the perfect age. You get so much clarity about yourself and what you like, and how you want your relationships to be,” she said in the video shared by the portal.

During the conversation, the Dangal actor also spoke about how she has finally started to prioritise herself. “There are times when you self-sabotage for others. But now, I completely put my needs first. Be as kind to yourself as to others. You have to cultivate that compassion, that self-love,” she said, adding that it is equally important to be self-accepting.

“It took me time to get comfortable with my body and be fine with how I look. I am so comfortable with my body now, which I wasn’t a couple of years ago. I was very critical of how I looked. You can’t keep waiting for a perfect body to enjoy your life. I can’t keep waiting for a body to wear a bikini. I will wear a bikini,” Sanya continued.

Giving instances of “feeling bloated” when on periods or PMSing, she spoke about how her “body fluctuates throughout the month”. “For your body, you should not explain or be answerable to anyone. If you have acne, flaunt it. It is all okay,” said Sanya.

Sanya, who loves to share her workout videos on social media, also spoke about the need to stay physically and mentally healthy and active.

“My fitness goal is to learn something new to keep my body moving. Like right now, I am obsessed with learning how to do pull ups. I am also learning a new dance form which is bachata. I know my body is getting stronger. I am developing some muscle. Not only that, I am also helping myself mentally. I workout not just for my body, abs, or to have skinny arms or legs,” she shared.

The actor went on to highlight the need to take a step back and relax. “Now I understand how crucial it is to not just keep working. Your body gives you signals. Meditation has really helped me to stay connected with my body. I give myself a chunk of time to relax during a day when I don’t feel like working. I need my alone time and I do give that,” said Sanya.

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