Justin Baldoni feels like ‘a new man’ as he works out in a ‘physical gym’ after long


Justin Baldoni has always been unafraid to show his vulnerable side to his fans and followers on Instagram, sharing posts, pictures and thoughts about where he stands in life.

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The actor, who has talked about masculinity — toxic or otherwise — and where he finds himself on the spectrum, has been vocal about his flaws, too, and how he learns and unlearns on a daily basis.

The author of the book ‘Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity‘ took to Instagram to write a long post about going back to the gym and working out, and why he took a hiatus from it. Next to a video of himself working out with battle ropes while wearing a white vest and a pair of black shorts, Baldoni wrote, “Here’s a deep caption most of you won’t read with a workout video that means something to me. I haven’t posted any sort of workout in years because the physical gym hasn’t been where I’ve been spending my time.”

The Jane The Virgin actor added that in the “last two years [he has] chosen to spend [his] time re-building [himself] from the inside out”.

“Stripping away the archaic ideas of what I thought it meant to be a man, and diving into the pain, discomfort and trauma I’ve spent my life running from. My focus has been on deep somatic healing and my emotional/spiritual health, a process that will never end,” he continued.

The 38-year-old wrote that it has been the “hardest” and “most fulfilling time” of his life, and now he is ready to work out for the “right reasons”, which are: health, energy, longevity, happiness, mobility, strength and endurance, instead of just “aesthetics”. “…it feels so damn good to be back in the physical gym.”

Baldoni wrote, “For the first time in my life I’m building a fitness base not from a place of lack or fear… but from a place of love.” He concluded his post by writing that it has taken him years, but he is “learning to love this body”. “And it’s amazing what happens when our bodies finally feel that love. At 38, I feel like a new man. More to come.”

Previously, the actor had talked about the relationship he shares with his body, sharing with his fans that he has had “insecurities” and “body image issues” that he “battled for most of [his] life, and especially while filming Jane the Virgin“.

“And like so many, I’ve had a complicated and confusing relationship with my body. At the end of the day, I am so much more than what lies under my shirt… all of us are,” Baldoni had written, adding: “Yes, I have a body, and immense able-bodied privilege, and while I am learning to love and appreciate it more every day…I can’t allow the presence of a six pack or lack thereof define me anymore.”

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