Know what Kakadu plum is, and how it benefits the skin


Commonly known as Kakadu plum, the ‘terminalia ferdinandiana’ is a flower plant that bears the fruit and is native to north-western Australia. It also has other names such as gubinge, billygoat plum, green plum, salty plum, murunga, mador, etc. It is believed that the fruit has exceptionally high levels of vitamin C and is a popular skincare ingredient.

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According to Dr Gagan Bhatia, the founder of Uniqaya — a skincare brand — the Kakadu plum contains 55 times more vitamin C than an orange, along with other nutrients and antioxidants.

“It is the biggest source of vitamin C and comes with a tonne of benefits. It is also extremely beneficial for your skin and hair,” the expert says.

Dr Bhatia lists the following three reasons for choosing this fruit for your beauty routine.

1. Used for anti-aging: According to the expert, Kakadu plum’s extracts are rich in vitamin C and also E, along with folic acid and carotenoids, which are responsible for reversing the signs of aging. They help in the reduction of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, for which the plum’s extracts are used by various skincare brands.

2. Curing pimples: Pimples can cause self-esteem issues in people. But the Kakadu plum’s vitamin C content can ensure that it serves as an effective remedy for treatment against pimples, says Dr Bhatia, adding that it flushes the impurities from your skin and promotes an even skin tone. “Kakadu plum is also beneficial for healing blemishes and smoothing out the skin tone,” he adds.

3. A must-have in skincare: Using Kakadu plum extracts is one of the best skincare decisions you will ever make, says the expert. “Considering how nutrient-rich the plum is, it forms an important ingredient in various skincare products. It makes your skin glow naturally and protects it from the harmful tendencies of nature. It massively helps in the reduction of wrinkles and blemishes, too.”

“Kakadu plums are helpful in hydrating the skin, preventing burns, promoting skin radiance and luminosity and minimising the appearance of wrinkles. The products, which contain Kakadu plum extracts, tend to get absorbed more deeply into the skin, which is exactly why they should be preferred,” Dr Bhatia advises.

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