Lilly Singh talks about dealing with sexism, homophobia: ‘Never ever let that noise stop me’


Lilly Singh is a successful YouTuber who is globally known and liked. Yet, her journey was not without its struggles.

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The 33-year-old took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post about how she has managed to power-through all the obstacles and difficulties in life, and what she thinks is the best way to keep marching ahead.

“…the things that knock us down will keep changing, but what can remain the same is our ability to keep getting up,” she wrote in a long caption, which ran alongside a video, in which the Canadian YouTuber danced around as the camera followed her. She listed all the curveballs that life threw her way and how she dealt with them.

One of them stated that she failed at auditions, another read that she was a “disappointment for not being a son”. She also stated that she struggled with her mental health and was told to “go back to India”, before writing that she was also told her sexuality is a “sin”. Singh came out as bisexual in early 2019 via a social media post.

She went on to share that she is also constantly criticised for her mistakes and accomplishments. “We live in a time when people mistake criticism for creation. They are not the same. One is easy and one is hard,” her caption read.

Singh added, “Since I started my career in 2010 as an unknown girl living in her parents house, to now in 2022 living a life beyond my wildest dreams, one thing has never changed: people not believing in me, people making fun of me, people dragging my name, people dissecting every part of me to label it, or straight-up being just being sexist, racist or homophobic.”

She went on to write that if one tries to do something different or chooses to follow their dreams, “people will do the same to [them]”. “I have never met a successful person that didn’t have a gang of people trying to knock them down.”

“Have I cried over it? Been upset over it? Gone to mad therapy because of it? Hell yeah. That hurts my feelings, man. But here’s the thing, I have never ever let that noise stop me on my journey. That’s the difference,” the former talk show host wrote.

“When other people spent their energy hating, I spent my energy building. And you can do the same. Criticism lasts a few seconds… an empire doesn’t,” she wrote.

Singh was dressed in a crisp blue pantsuit, which brought out her badassery; she wore it to the premiere of the Netflix show, ‘Never Have I Ever‘.

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