Monsoon alert: Ways to care for your pooch in the rainy season


There are homes where pets bark in great excitement and enjoy the rain, and then there are homes where pets run in the opposite direction in their attempt to not get wet, or even hide under tables and chairs to escape the sound of lightning and thunder. If your pooch is the type to run out in the rain, here’s what you need to consider.

*Given that soap/shampoo baths are not recommended more than once a month, pet parents can resort to plain water baths after their furry friend has enjoyed their share of rain. The overuse of soap creates an imbalance in the natural production of oil in the pet’s skin and can lead to irritation. After your pet gets drenched in the rain and returns home, they are often likely to be covered in mud or dirt. Give them a bath with room temperature or lukewarm water, as this helps manage the sudden drop in temperature.

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*Use a towel and hair dryer to dry them off and look for any bugs and ticks on them. Wet fur, especially in long hair breeds, is a common cause of skin infections and usually leads to redness in the skin which may, at times, take months of careful medical care to fix. Once dried, give them a quick brushing to remove any remaining dirt.

*Pet parents should take extra care towards cleaning and drying paws where dirt clots are commonly found. These clots can prove to be a source of a variety of infections and skin allergies. Extra care must also be taken because paws contain sweat glands through which the passage of the infection is quicker.

*But if your pet returns with garbage or the poo of other animals, give them a shampoo bath to curtail the spread of infections at home. Try to limit your pet’s monsoon adventures if this is a recurring problem. Alternatively, you can give your pet a plain water bath, dry them, and then use dry shampoo pet products to get that extra level of cleaning.

pet care, tips to clean pet hair Wash blankets, cushions and bedding – wherever your pets spend the most time! (Photo: Pixabay)

*Pet parents must also keep pets on harnesses, as they offer greater control, during walks. This is important as you can steer your pet away from stepping into big puddles or stagnant water which harbour the presence of many germs. These germs will latch onto your pooch and make their fur a playground for breeding. Better control over your pets movement will also enable you to hold onto them if they try to run from the sound of thunder. What is also very important is to dress your pet in a rain coat before stepping out. This will keep them drier in the rain, thereby reducing the need for baths.

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