Monsoon: Some expert-approved skincare tips to beat humidity


There is no denying the fact that monsoon brings smiles to most faces, but it also brings along skin issues. As such, your skin (and hair) require a little more TLC in the rainy season. To help you deal with monsoon-related skin and hair issues, here are some simple and useful tips by Dr Sravya C Tipirneni, consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.

*First and foremost, know that the skin gets more-than-required moisture from the atmosphere. Hence, the formulation of your daily moisturiser needs to change to a lighter one depending on your skin type.
*Avoid very heavy, ceramide moisturisers and switch to lighter gel-based ones.
*Use a slightly stronger face wash to remove the moisture that has a tendency to clog the pores.
*Glycolic acid and salicylic acid facewash do wonders for acne-prone skin.
*A glutathione-containing facewash is great for combination skin.
*Sunscreens are very necessary even though the sun might not be as harsh all through this season. Most people have a misconception that you don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day. But, it is the most essential item in your list of skincare products.
*Switch to powder or gel-based sunscreens. Creamy sunscreens clog the pores during this season. Remember to use a waterproof and water-resistant sunscreen.
*Exfoliative scrubs work great for the body in the humid season.
*Full body physical and chemical exfoliants can be used depending on your skin type. Lactic acid and glycolic acid are beautiful molecules that can be combined with other lightening agents such as polyglutamic acid or tranexamic acid for removing tanning as well as gentle and subtle dead skin. These lightening agents also help with the rejuvenation of the outer layer of the skin.

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*Acne-prone skin needs extra care during this season as far as lighter formulations are concerned.
*A flare-up of many skin allergies and eczemas also happens during this season, along with fungal infections of different types. “Sweaty areas such as the groin region, and armpits are the most common areas where we see ringworm quite a bit in this season. Use loose comfortable clothes with a good anti-fungal dusting powder twice daily on these areas to prevent this,” said Dr Tipirneni.
*Dry skin conditions such as psoriasis etc get better during this season.

skincare Avoid very heavy ceramide moisturisers and switch to lighter gel-based ones (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


*Makeup during the monsoon season needs to be light. “Don’t use heavy concealers or primers. Use lighter water-based foundations and stick to powder compacts,” she said.
*Eyeliners can be a bit risky as it might rain anytime so stick to waterproof ones. Make sure you use micellar water cleansers and pads to cleanse it out as soon as possible.
*Hydrating or exfoliative toners with astringents work well for humid weather. This can be incorporated into your daily routine
*Night routine can stay the same. It’s a perfect season to start off retinol usage for anti-ageing as the humid weather dampens down the scaling to some extent.

“Enjoy the monsoons as much as you can but don’t let your skin bear the brunt of increased humidity levels. All it takes are small changes which can go a long way!” she added.

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