‘Overthinking provides multiple perspectives’: Ari Kapoor


The mind is a vast organ with no end to what it is capable of. Among several directives of the brain, Ari Kapoor, an 11th-grade student, sheds light on the power overthinking holds, despite it being attached to a negative connotation, and how one can approach it as a “gift” instead of a burden.

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She states in her TEDx Talk, “It’s a common belief that overthinking is a bad thing, but if you even look at the definition, it’s not defined as merely bad or good. It’s up to you to define it.”

Quoting psychoanalyst Susanna Abse, she says, “In an action-focused world, being a thinker isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But ruminating on your thoughts in a way that doesn’t lead anywhere may be a sign of anxiety. So it’s evident that there are some negative effects of overthinking.”

To begin with, Ari lists down some of the cons of overthinking: “Overthinking does come with a certain amount of stress that can be detrimental to your mental health. And since you’re spending most of your time thinking than putting your thoughts into action, you might not turn out to be as productive as you can be.”

An overthinker herself, she quickly shifts the focus to its pros by sharing her personal experience with overthinking. What’s remarkable is she denotes it as something that provides “multiple perspectives” and turns us into someone who’s “well-rounded.”

“You can be super interested in something, but at the same time be observant too. Because your ability to use critical skills to judge yourself and the world around you increases,” she says.

She goes on to explain, “Your creativity may be linked to your ability to overthink. It also helps one enhance their empathetic side since you’re able to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”

Urging the audience to look at the positive side of overthinking, she shares a few tips:


“Add boundaries by judging the topic and the amount of time it needs to be allotted. Whichever topic comes from a place of anxiety and insecurity, those are topics that need to be dealt with differently without overthinking them.”


“Recall the intention behind landing up in your overthinking session — whether it be coming to a conclusion, making a decision, learning something, or improving a relationship — it’s essential to remember what purpose you want coming out of this.”

Stay emotionally grounded

“Because you’re able to convince yourself of so many things, it’s essential to be grounded and have a clear judgement. There’s many ways you can go about doing this, such as picking up a new hobby. But by the end of it, it’s you who has to figure out what works  — get out there in the world, meet new people, give everything a shot, question the world, but most importantly, live,” she concludes.

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