Red onions or white onions: The healthier variety is…


White onions may not be commonly used to prepare dishes, but they are extremely healthy. Known for their light yet distinct flavour, they can be consumed in both cooked and raw forms.

“Yes, white onions can be extremely beneficial for the body. They have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, and are highly rated in Ayurveda,” said Dr Rachna Agarwal, a nutritionist.

Recently, chef Sanjeev Kapoor also took to Instagram to share the benefits of his wonder food item. “Kya aap jaante the, pyaaz, our everyday kitchen essential can also help against sunstroke and sunburn?” he captioned the post, which further listed many other benefits like “cools the body, excellent source of fibre, boosts immunity, promotes heart health, has anti-bacterial properties, rich in antioxidants”.

Dr Rachna Agarwal agreed, and further listed some other benefits:

1. Good for infections– Since white onions have anti inflammatory properties, they can help in healing infections. “White onions can help in eye, nose, and ear infections because of their antibiotic properties,” Dr Agarwal told

2. Balances acidity: The expert said many foods, including those rich in refined carbs, can be highly acidic in nature that “makes our body more prone to infections. White onions are alkaline in nature and hence, when added to food, can balance out the acidic nature of the refined carbs,” she said.

3. Cures respiratory diseases: “Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, white onions help in curing inflammation,” she added. She further said that white onion juice along with honey can act as a good cough syrup. “This concoction can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five hours,” she said, adding that in Ayurveda, “this syrup is applied to one’s chest and covered with a cotton cloth to heal respiratory diseases.”

4. Hair growth: It is good for hair growth; its juice can be applied to one’s scalp.

How is it different from red onion?

White onion and red onion have many things in common but they do have certain properties which differentiate them. Dr Agarwal said that white onions are more “antibiotic and anti inflammatory” in nature as compared to red onions.” White onions are also not as pungent as red onions,” she added.

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