Soha Ali Khan aced core workout; check out what Dia Mirza had to say


Soha Ali Khan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to amping up her fitness game. The actor has been actively serving us with core workout sessions and strength training workouts.

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She recently took to Instagram to share snippets from her day’s workout. “Back to basics! #workout #fitness #back #backworkout,”she captioned the post.

The actor started with a basic dumbbell exercise wherein she was laying on a bench while doing a supported dumbbell bent over rows. She then switched to a unique exercise as she was crawling on all fours with her front body facing the ceiling.

The actor then moved to another tough exercise- a handstand. To make it even tougher, she moved sideways while doing it. The actor also did push-ups and ended the workout with what seemed to be a variation of spiderman push-ups.

Among other fans, actor Dia Mirza also commended her dedication and strength. She commented on her post saying, “Soha, you are so inspiring.”

A few days back the actor too hopped on the bandwagon and posted a reel of her doing the Y challenge. “The Y challenge – why? Just because… #yoga #fitness #trending #reels #ychallenge,” she captioned the post.

In another video, the Soha was seen acing another core workout session with just simple dumbbells and a string(resistance exercise band). Playing with words, the actor said in a post on Instagram, “This workout has strings attached.”

A core workout is known to strengthen core muscles, improve posture, prevent injury, and increase balance and stability. According to, core exercises are important as they can also help strengthen and tone the underlying muscles. Strong core muscles make it easier to do many physical activities.

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