Sonnalli Seygall shares the recipe for her ‘go-to healthy snack’


A bowl of roasted makhanas with some pepper and black salt is an ideal snack option. It’s not just us, even Sonnalli Seygall vouches for it.

Recently, the actor took to Instagram to share her favourite snack. “Wanna know my go-to healthy snack? It’s Lotus Seeds/Makhanas/Fox nuts,” she wrote.

Listing out the reasons she opts for this snack, the actor wrote, “They are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, support weight loss, promote heart health, may help stabilise blood-sugar levels, and have anti-aging properties.”

Agreed Daljit Kaur, head, clinical nutritionist, at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, and said, “Makhana has high nutritional value as it is a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, iron, and zinc. Indian cuisine makes ample use of these. They can be roasted with a sprinkling of spices and condiments to provide a tasty treat.”

Sonnalli also shared the recipe she prefers.

  • Heat the pan and add some ghee.
  • Add the makhana
  • Add some pink salt and pepper
  • Roast till golden brown


Karishma Shah, Integrative Health Nutritionist and Holistic Life Coach said, “Makhanas regulate your blood sugar level. They are extremely good for diabetics, those with PCOS, and even thyroid issues. Makahana also helps detoxify the liver, and give a feeling of satiety which helps in weight loss. It can further makes your bones strong, and is very good for your heart, kidney, and digestive system. It prevents aging and inflammation. It works well for people with hypertension and high blood pressure, too.”

Adding, Dr Kaur said that it also helps overcome insomnia, arthritis, and in improving cognitive functions. “Makhana is beneficial for overall skin health (wrinkles and signs of aging) due to the presence of antioxidants and certain amino acids that have anti-aging properties. You can consume about one to two handful of makhana daily,” she said.

She further said that it is a good pregnancy snack but one must always consult a doctor before consuming it. Some other dishes you can prepare include Makhana Kheer, Porridge, Milkshake.

“Makhanas can make a great bedtime snack, but the catch here is to eat them in the right quantity or it might cause indigestion,” she added.

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