Sunday Zodiac: Signs that are more likely to suffer from anxiety


While we all may deal with occasional bouts of anxiety, people belonging to certain zodiac signs are more prone to suffer from anxiety. Jeevika Sharma, tarot card reader and guidance counsellor, listed zodiac signs that are likely to suffer from anxiety.

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People belonging to the Cancer sign are emotional by nature and are unable to handle things maturely. They tend to get lost in the thoughts of suffering and destruction. Also, they are likely to go into depression if things do not go as per their plans. This combination of overthinking and depression can often lead to anxiety in Cancer people.

Virgo people are hyper by nature and may get angry and violent if things do not go their way. This affects their mental health which can lead to anxiety. Later, the anxiety can become severe as well.

Scorpions are oversensitive as well as emotional when it comes to people and things that are related to them. Any kind of disturbance in their life especially, love life could push them into depression which may later lead to anxiety. Scorpion is the only zodiac sign who has the highest chance of getting into depression and suffering from anxiety.

Aquarius may pretend that they are good manipulators and good at playing mind games but, in reality, they are not. They get influenced by other people and may feel trapped later. This feeling of being trapped makes them suffer from anxiety. They are likely to be under medication on a regular basis.

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