Sunday Zodiac: Signs that need to be careful in terms of their finances


The coming days are filled with astrological events and happenings, and we need to talk about finances for all zodiac signs. Some people have to be extra careful, warns astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji. He lists the zodiac signs that need to be wary; read on.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, you might end up spending much more than your budget. You will not be able to save as much as you always did on a monthly basis. Be careful of your spending, because finances look weak in the coming months.

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Mismanagement of your fixed deposits, savings and investments are bound to happen soon. It is time you maintain a book of what is going where.

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Your management is good, but some health issues might crop up and this will hit your savings. You ought to keep yourself fit and do the same for your dependents, otherwise your financial situation will decline, leaving you stressed.


You need to control yourself and shop less because after a few weeks, you will realise it has been a major mistake. You will be required to pay special attention to your finances, or else you will be in grave trouble.

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