Teaching is rewarding; find out how it changes the world


In his speech, Sam Lau emphasises on the importance and thrill of learning. He says, “You should let teaching be a part of your daily lifestyle as well.”

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He talks about how people lose out on things or subjects they absolutely love, because the teacher isn’t of their liking. He also talks about people getting into fields they’re not even interested in, only because they liked their teacher.

“Learning is extremely rewarding; now is your chance to be that great teacher for someone else! You can be that positive influence in someone’s life by being patient, by being a teacher,” says Lau. 

“Now more than ever, we need to draw upon the resources and the knowledge of the people around us to make this world a better place,” he says.

In his ending statement, he passionately says, “Every day is so precious and it is important that you make the most out of every single day you have.

“We start by taking small steps today, learn a little, teach a little, live a little,” Lau preaches.

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