These are the best exercises to get rid of fat in the lower belly


There are many people who gain weight in specific parts of the body. Lower belly is a common fat reserve for both men and women. But, how can one get rid of this fat?

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Fitness expert Mukul Nagpaul, who is the founder of Pmftraining and is a Fit India Movement ambassador, says Indians generally have high visceral fat (fat surrounding the organs), and this why they have fat in the lower belly. “Another reason is that there is free space between the ribs and hip bone for the fat to accumulate,” he says.

“The best way to lose fat from the lower belly area is by reducing overall body fat by creating a calorie deficit, which is to consume less calories than we burn in a day,” Nagpaul adds. He goes on to explain that “spot reduction” is not possible, and so, it is not possible to lose fat from just the lower belly.

“But, you can still target that area with the following exercises to make sure the muscles in this area are strong, which will give it a more toned look, and will keep you injury-free when you lose body fat.” Read on.

1. Plank

Most people love to do crunches, but they are not the most effective exercise to build core muscles. Plank is a great alternative to crunches and is a great exercise to target core muscles.

2. Ab wheel rollout

Ab wheel rollout works your rectus abdominis, which is the six-pack part of your abs. It also engages transverse abdominis that are the deep-core muscles. Additionally, it works on the internal as well as external oblique muscles, making it not just a lower belly but a complete core exercise.

3. Leg raises

There are a lot of variations of leg raises like single leg raise, both leg raise, hanging leg raise, hanging knee raises, etc., which are gradual progression of this exercise. While working on your lower part of the abs, it also improves the strength and flexibility of your hips and lower back.

4. Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks mimic a swimming stroke, but are done on the ground. It trains your lower abs and hip flexors. While performing this exercise, it is important to make sure your lower back is flat on the floor.

5. Jackknife

Jackknife is a real test for your abs, as it is an exercise for an experienced person, who is bored of crunches, sit ups, etc., and wants to challenge themselves.

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