Things to remember before your next road trip


The last two years of lockdowns and no travel may have impacted our vacation planning abilities to a considerable extent. So, if you are finally planning a road trip, be it in India or abroad, you may just be missing out on some essentials given the excitement of travelling again.

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The following list of things should have you in a good place:

Your ride

One of the best things about road trips is their unpredictability. But, when it comes to your ride, it should not only be predictable but also reliable. Choose your ride carefully keeping the terrain, roads, landscape, and weather in mind. Prep your vehicle before the journey by getting it checked by an automotive technician, just to be sure that everything is working fine.

Stock on activities to do in the car

If you’re travelling with kids, you might want to have a few things handy besides music and movies. Books, craft games, journals, and crayons are things that can keep them busy, and you can focus on the road during the journey.

Pack snacks

Even if you are going on a brief road trip wherein you are sure to come across eateries on the way, packing a few snacks never hurt anyone. Fruits, sandwiches, nuts, trail mixes, yoga bars, etc. take less space but provide a lot of energy.

Where you’re staying

If you’ll be staying at motels and hotels all the way, make sure to carry your own linens just to avoid any unpleasant surprises. However, if you are staying with friends, don’t forget to pack a thank you gift for them.


Even though most destinations have relaxed their Covid travel rules, it is still important to check if your destination requires an RTPCR test certificate.

Have cash on you at all times

While digital payments are fuss-free and super accessible nowadays, it is wise to have some cash and change ready at all times for check posts and tolls.

Plot your route

Avoid the urge to just get, set, and go, and instead get to know the route you’ll be driving on very well with the help of a map. Read up on road and weather conditions along the way as much as possible to avoid any surprises. You should also chart out how many hours you’ll be driving and an approximate time by when you should reach your destination. Also, even with your trusty GPS at your perusal, don’t shy away from asking locals about a road you might be confused. They, often, know the best.

Traffic rules

If you’re driving in a foreign country, make sure you are well acquainted with all its traffic rules.

Be open to changes

Like mentioned before, one of the best things about road trips is their unpredictability. So, don’t be hesitant to change plans as and when the need arises.

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