This Agra shop is selling gold-plated ghevar at Rs 25,000 per kg!


Indian festivals feel incomplete without sweets. As such, with Raksha Bandhan and Krishna Janmashtami inching closer, markets and sweetshops are experimenting with their décor and offerings. But topping the list is a sweet shop in Agra — Braj Rasayan Mitthan Bhandar near Shah Market — that has come up with a unique ghevar that is made out of 24-carat gold!

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Taking about the unique sweet, owner Tushar Gupta told, “I had made gold-plated pedas during Diwali last year. So this festive season, I decided to make ghevar in a similar way.” 

He added that the ghevar is priced at Rs 1,000 per piece, and Rs 25,000 for 1 kg. “The ghevar weighs around 35 to 40 grams, and we have managed to sell close to 1 kg,” he shared.

Talking about the unique treat, Gupta said that it includes “dry fruits like pishori pista, mamra badam, chilgoza (pine nuts), grinded kesar, malai (a mix of milk and vanilla ice cream) alongside the gold coating.”

“The process involves mixing milk, maida, and ghee which is then puffed with ice. To reduce the thickness of the batter we add water. Then four layers of dry fruits are added to five layers of this paste. Finally, sugar syrup, ice cream, and gold layering are also done, ” he explained adding that people have been “very intrigued to see and taste the sweet.”

He further added that the “gold coating and dry fruits add richness and make the sweet healthy.”

If you wish to experiment with your ghevar-making skills, check out this recipe by chef Kunal Kapoor. “Ghewar is a traditional dessert from Northern India. Rajasthan is usually credited with preparing ghewar, through Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Gujarat also prepare this dessert. It is one dessert that is a piece of art and strongly defines the culinary might of the Indian halwai,” he captioned his Instagram post.

For ghevar batter

*Desi Ghee – 63 gm
 *Water – 1100 ml
 *Maida – 250 gm
 *Oil/desi ghee – for frying up to 1.5 L
 *Ice – few
For sugar syrup
*Sugar – 2 cups
 *Water – ½ cup
 *Cardamom powder ½ tsp

For ghevar batter

*Take some ghee in a wok, and once it gets a little hotter than lukewarm, transfer it to a flat utensil.

 *Add ice to it so that the ghee starts to solidify. But ensure it remains soft. Once done, use your fingers to bring all the ghee to one side of the utensil and squeeze it to remove excess water.

 *Keep mixing the ghee to make it softer and creamy. Do this until the ghee resembles white butter.

 *At this point, slowly add maida in small batches and mix with the tips of your fingers. The mix should be crumbly.

 *Gradually, add in the water and make a stable emulsion. Keep mixing the batter with your palms to avoid any lumps.

 *Strain the batter using a sieve, to ensure it is devoid of any lumpy residue. It should be watery thin.

 *Now, add oil in a heavy kadhai (about 12-15 inches wide from the top) and heat it until it is medium to high hot.

 *Fill the batter in a ladle and slowly drizzle it in the centre of the hot oil in one motion. Make sure to drop the batter from at least 10 inches from the surface of the oil.

 *Doing so enables the batter to quickly disintegrate into tiny-hole like pattern and form a web. Keep layering until you get a solid mass covering the kadhai.

 *Make sure that the temperature of the oil is medium-high at all time. Once it reaches the desired size, let it brown lightly and then remove it and drain drain excess oil.

 *Place it gently over a ring cutter or a cup to drain all the oil. Once it cools completely place it on a tray for toppings.

For sugar syrup

*Mix together sugar, water and cardamom powder and bring to a boil.

 *Cook till sugar dissolves and you have a thick, single string consistency. Remove from heat and let it cool completely.

You can layer it with custard cream, rabri, and garnish it wil pistachios, almond, cashews or any dry fruits of your choice.

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