Travelling soon? Here are three ways to keep yourself fit while on a vacation


Whenever people go on a holiday, they tend to leave their regular routine behind. While it is all right to relax and take it slow, when it comes to fitness and diet, one has to exercise some amount of discipline, so as to not throw whatever progress they have made off the track.

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If you are travelling somewhere soon, know that you can still stick to a proper diet and timely meals while enjoying your time exploring a new destination. Do not attempt to do something unfamiliar or drastic, thinking you may be able to make amends after getting back to daily life.

While on a vacation, the idea is to seek enjoyment without so much as punishing yourself or feeling guilty for indulging.

Taking to Instagram, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal explained three simple ways with which to ensure your health and fitness. Curious about what they are? Read on to find out.

1. Walk and explore

When you are in a new place, instead of taking local transport, try to walk as much as possible and explore the place. According to the expert, it can “increase your step-count, boost energy and ultimately make you lose some calories”. So, try to be active as much as possible.

2. Keep fruits handy

It is natural to feel hungry when you walk, and sometimes this hunger may not coincide with your meal hours. So, what can you do about it? Agarwal explained that it is prudent to consume fruits as a snack, instead of eating processed foods. “Fruits give you proper nutrients and won’t harm your health in any way,” she said in the video.

3. Do not skip your meals

Some people have a tendency to skip meals, or alternatively, eat something that they normally would not, just because they are on a holiday. Doing either of these things can harm your health. Agarwal said skipping meals can make you feel “low on energy” and you may overeat later. “So, it is important to eat each and every meal — be it breakfast, snack or dinner,” she concluded.

Keep these health and fitness tips handy!

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