What is the secret to a healthier and happier life?


The most important thing in life is to feel alive. But, it is also the most difficult part. To feel fully alive, one has to have fun. But, we believe in a distorted definition of ‘fun’ and thus, feel dead inside.

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Catherine Price, an author and science journalist, defines the word ‘fun’ as: “In reality, fun is not just light-hearted pleasure. It is not just for kids, and it is not frivolous. Instead, fun is the secret to feeling alive.”

She believes fun has been made to sound frivolous and optional. “There is an element of serendipity in it,” she says, adding that a person who is truly having fun will look like “they are being illuminated from within”.

She says when people share their ‘fun’ stories, it appears that a fire has been lit up inside them. “So much of life drains us, but fun fills us up,” she adds.

Listing the benefits of fun, she says it can make us feel relaxed and healthy. She describes fun to be a ‘flow state’ that makes us stay in present and enjoy each moment. Price also believes fun has the potential to unite people; we connect as human beings without thinking about caste, religion, and nationalities.

She believes by doing something that “fills your life with more moments of playfulness, connection, and flow”, we can have more fun in life. Calling fun ‘sunshine’, she says, “It is a distillation of life’s energy and the more often we experience it, the more we will [feel] like we are alive.”

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