When Masaba Gupta’s fitness trainer lauded her efforts: ‘So proud of you’


Receiving accolades for one’s efforts always feels special. That is exactly what happened with Masaba Gupta recently as she progressed in her fitness journey. The ace designer’s trainer Apoorv Mathur took to Instagram to laud her efforts and dedication towards her fitness journey.

“I am so proud of you. All the way from knee pushups to look at you now! #progressionmakesmehappy,” he wrote in a post on Instagram Stories sharing a video of her doing full toe pushups.

masaba gupta Masaba Gupta can now do full toe pushups (Source: Apoorv Mathur/Instagram Stories)

Why must one do pushups?

As a core exercise, pushups help build upper body strength, work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. When done correctly with proper form, they also help engage the lower back and abs.

How to do knee pushups?

In this bodyweight exercise, some of the weight falls on the knees which helps one perform it safely and effectively.

How to do it?

*Keep your hands and knees in a modified plank position.
*Keep arms straight, with your shoulders above your wrists.
*Rest your knees on the ground with your legs together and feet suspended in the air
*Slowly bend the elbows and lower your chest to the floor, while maintaining a straight line from the crown of your head to your knees
*Next, press upwards, engaging your chest and core.
*Complete three sets of 8-10 reps.

How to do a regular push up

*Get down on all fours and keep your hands wide apart for them to fall in line with the shoulders, and keep your feet closer together.
*Now, lower your body until it is about to contact the ground and just in that moment, push yourself back up to the starting position.
*For best result, lift up your hips and utilise the core strength of your body to complete the exercise. For best results, repeat set of five pushups, five times.

It is important to keep practising variations of pushups to motivate oneself, and that is why modifications help.

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